At Cape Fish we are driven to educate our customers, push the boundaries and disrupt the typical stereotypes
of selling fish. In 2018, the retail store was opened with a vision to change the way seafood is presented and
sold to customers.

For people who love cooking and eating seafood, Cape Fish Retail Store provides a consistent and trustworthy source, which will surpass expectations on stock, cleanliness, and style.

New Adventure

We have now embarked on an adventure into unchartered territory, presenting the “Cape Fish Butcher Line”, a new addition to our retail offering. Spearheading the “Cape Fish Butcher Line” is our dry aged fish selection and butcher cuts.

Working with skilled fishermen that have key knowledge and processes to treat the fish correctly from capture to offload, allows Cape Fish to add more value, offer a wider range of products and flavour profiles. The dry ageing process allows us to maximise when fish are caught and instead of freezing to preserve, we can now create a fresh product that is guaranteed to be available in a few days or weeks. Zero waste, more value and maximum flavour is the focus.

Dry Ageing

The process of dry ageing the fish, focuses on maintaining control of temperature and humidity, allowing the connective tissues to relax, enzymes break down the proteins and fats, enhancing the flavour and texture.

Dry ageing is an art rather than a science and can include curing and smoking. No formulae are available. It requires patience and a controlled environment to do it perfectly. The ageing process takes anywhere from a few days to weeks and each individual fish and cut will vary in quality, and develop over time, and needs to be handled with care.

Unique Flavour

Dry Aged fish can be prepared just as any other seafood, however we would recommend keeping the cooking simple. A bit of salt and pepper with some butter in a pan highlights the rich flavour that has developed throughout the meat as it ages.

Our charcuterie is the perfect option for that pescatarian who is longing for that bacon rasher or wants another option on the cheese board over the weekend. Rich flavours mixed with textures not commonly associated with seafood, these new products are quite simply put, unique and defining.