Lock down braai: Portuguese prawns

This national lockdown has created some unexpected down time, forcing us to properly appreciate the little things. We feel a good place to start is with our perfect braai trio: prawns, butter and peri-peri. To celebrate this heavenly combo, we suggest you try this ultimate lockdown recipe for a quick, fuss-free prawn dish with Portuguese…


Meet Leeroy, our energetic Retail Manager

Originally from Kadoma in Zimbabwe, Leeroy Mabuto arrived on South African soil in 2013, just after he finished high school. He was unemployed and looking for work when he saw a post on Gumtree about a job opportunity at Cape Fish. He applied, and got a call from Kevin (for those of you living under…

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South African lobster fishery facts

Spiny Cold-Water Rock Lobster – or crayfish/ kreef as they’re known locally – is a favourite gourmet treat for South Africa’s seafood lovers. However, the sad fact is that most consumers are ill informed when purchasing lobster, and as result, they don’t know whether the lobsters they’re buying are legal or sustainably caught. Spiny rock…