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  • Langoustines


    Pack size: 1.5kg

    An absolute treat for the crustacean lovers.

  • Madagascan Tiger Prawns


    Pack size: 0.7kg

    Our new Madagascan Wild Caught tiger prawns are sourced from UNIMA: a pioneer and leader for over 40 years within their respective industry. Endorsed by the World Wild Life Fund, they have an eco-friendly model that protects the natural environment to promote the well-being and quality of these wild caught prawns.

  • Salmon Sashimi Block


    Pack size: 0.32kg

    The latest addition to our deluxe seafood line, our salmon sashimi block provides you with the freshest salmon ready to be cut at home and served for sushi and sashimi.

  • Scallops (Hand Dived)


    Pack size: 0.35kg

    Wild hand dived frozen Scallops from the east coast of the USA. They are truly decadent with a firm white flesh that once dried off properly, sears to a golden colour with the help of a little butter. An absolute favourite from our top end restaurants over the last summer season, it’s sure to spice up that braai on the weekend or impress that special someone for an evening of dining in.

  • Scarlet Prawns


    Pack size: 0.700kg

    Scarlet Prawns – One of the most coveted prawns in kitchens worldwide. A large deep sea prawn species that hail from the Eastern Atlantic into the Mediterranean Sea. They are renowned for their jumbo size and striking bright red colour. Traditionally prepared in Spain and Portugal as simply salted and grilled, some suggest that they should be treated as a delicate small lobster versus a simple prawn. They are also excellent in paellas and robust stews.

  • South Coast Rock Lobster Tails


    Pack size: 2 X 140 gram tails

    X 2 South African Cold Water Rock Lobster Tails (species: Palinurus gilchristi), fresh from the depths of the mighty Southern Ocean. Premium first choice, superior quality Spiny Cold Water South Coast Rock Lobster products that are uniquely processed on board at sea under HACCP guidelines. The lobster tails are graded, packed into final export cartons and blast frozen to -4°F / -20°C at sea, which results in guaranteed firm texture and renowned flavour.

  • Yellowfin Tuna Sashimi Block


    Pack size: 0.5kg

    The Cape Fish Yellowfin Tuna Sashimi Block has been hand selected from only the finest clean-cut tuna loins. The tuna loins have been stored in a ‘super frozen’ state to ensure the quality is locked in delivering a superior yellowfin tuna sashimi block, ready to be cut at home and served.