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  • Yellowfin Tuna


    Caught off of Cape Town’s pristine Atlantic Seaboard & cared for by both skilled & dedicated rod & reel & pole fishermen, the Yellowfin Tuna we supply is known for its consistency in quality. From the colour of the loins to the firm texture when broken down & being made into its final product, the tuna we receive are pristine.

    Cape Fish is able to service the USA & European market place including the local restaurant & wholesale industry in Southern Africa. Cape Fish is able to offer Yellowfin Tuna in a raw carcass format or loined & wrapped/sealed ready for use in the kitchen. Packed at Cape Fish House, the smallest EU & only loin-approved facility for export, our customers can have confidence in knowing that their product is not only fully traceable but also extremely closely monitored from harvest to shipping in order to ensure consistency of quality & peace of mind when it comes to food safety.

    From the warmer water season found from October to December & our cold water season from March to June, the tuna we offer are graded to the highest standard.


  • Kingklip


    Pack sizes: 100g / 500g / 1kg / 1.5kg

    Known for its firm texture & mild flavour, kingklip is a favourite amongst chefs throughout Cape Town. Cape Fish sources large size kingklip from the 2 main fisheries responsible for catching this species & are thus able to offer consistency throughout the year.

    Delivered whole or in a value added format be it portions or fillets, the quality & consistency that we are able to offer is unrivalled. From fresh weekly landings to blast frozen product packaged for road freight, Cape Fish can accommodate your particular needs, as service to our clients continues to be a corner stone of our business.

  • Swordfish


    Our Swordfish locally harvested out of Cape Towns Atlantic waters are known for their fat & beautiful translucency at the right time of the year. Sold locally around South Africa in the whole or loined format, we have every cut suitable for your needs.

  • Yellowtail Kingfish


    Caught between various locations around Cape Town, our Yellowtail or formally known as the Seriola Lalandi, is one of the most sought after for sushi & sashimi. Mostly caught in the size range of 2.50kg to 6.50kg these fish found in our colder waters of 16*C to 17*C show great fat content when prepared as Hamachi.

    Cape Fish has also taken the treatment of this product a step further as yellowtail caught in volumes is seldom looked after with great care. All of our yellowtail has been through the process of Ikejime & bleeding once harvested & as soon as those 2 processes are complete the fish go into slurry tubs for cooling down. Harvested by rod & reel or trolling gear, this method of fishing is extremely specific & accounts for 0 by-catch.

    Exported fresh in 30lb cartons this product is well known for being above the rest when it comes to sushi & sashimi quality & has found a strong foothold in the European marketplace.

    In addition to the product not only being cared for extremely well, but Yellowtail fishing around Cape Town also is not as seasonal as tuna fishing & provided the fisherman knows what they are doing, it is a product that we are able to offer with great consistency throughout the year.


  • Hake


    Pack sizes: 500g / 1kg / 1.5kg

    Whether its fried in a pan, steamed over some vegetables or done the traditional way in some light fluffy batter, fried to a golden brown and accompanied by some chips, our Hake is known to be a cut above the rest.

    Offloaded from the same vessels as our kingklip, our hake comes from the cold and deep waters of the Canyon located 40 nautical miles off of Cape Point. Extremely light & flaky with a crisp white appearance, we guarantee you wont find better hake anywhere else.

    Available whole or in a value added format be it portions or fillets from our fresh weekly landings, to blast frozen product packaged for road freight, we have an option to suite your needs.

  • Albacore Tuna

    Caught off of Cape Town’s pristine Atlantic Seaboard & cared for by both skilled & dedicated rod & reel & pole fisherman, the Albacore Tuna we supply to our customers is known for its consistency in quality. 95% to 100% of all Longfin tuna landed in South Africa by the various tuna vessels are destined for overseas to various countries around the world. A smaller percentage of fresh Albacore Tuna is also shipped fresh overseas to many countries such as Spain & Italy & this is yet another branch of Cape Fish’s fresh tuna exports.

    Fish are predominantly 10kg average throughout the season with smaller fish being 5kg to 7kg & larger fish being 15kg to 20kg. At Cape Fish we pack mixed parcels of fresh Albacore Tuna as fish lands & there is always a split of sizing allocated per AKE or PMC depending.

    If you are interested in purchasing Albacore Tuna please email us directly at &