The Codfather trilogy: Part 1 – Kevin

Kevin Flanagan is part of the team that runs Cape Fish and makes it what it is today. A born and bred Capetonian, he had a dream as a kid that he wanted to fly, and in a way he does that through his role in the business. Kevin is the big picture partner, viewing everything large scale and all at once.

When asked about the role he plays in the company, Kevin shared that he doesn’t have much to do with the daily operations but focuses on certain aspects of the business. He takes on a heavily supportive role alongside business partner Kurt Hill, who is the most hands on of the crew.

This year Kevin has mostly lent his out of the box thinking to the actual retail store and breaking it out of the mould of stinky fish stores. (If you haven’t checked it out yet – you are missing out. Seriously, we highly recommend a visit.) Kevin boasts that he gained all of his expertise first hand. After joining the industry in 2008, he was required to take a trip on every fishing vessel managed by Flantrade Investments, one of the current shareholders in Cape Fish. Here is where he found a new appreciation for the business and really earned his sea legs, sometimes being at sea from six hours to 72 days!

He attests to the power of getting right into the belly of the beast. ‘There is no substitute for first- hand experience and seeing things from the bottom up – if you aren’t willing to get your hands dirty, then how can you expect your employees to?’

If you haven’t noticed by now, Kevin is a very practically minded man who believes that all people should learn a practical trade. Be it plumbing, wood work, basic mechanical engineering, electrics or even just tiling, he believes that we would all add more value to the working world if we did so. It is refreshing and humbling, and a good reminder of how much we all need a team to make the big ideas work.

This approach served him well when starting out in the seafood industry, something which he was initially not excited about at all. His father and greatest mentor Brian Flanagan is an industry leader and was the one who offered Kevin the opportunity to join Flantrade Investments, which he had started. Kevin admits that it took a while for him to get into it, ‘I only really started to find my feet in 2011.’

When he decided to pack it in in 2013, Flantrade Investments, hired Kyle Nold, the founder of Cape Fish, to work alongside him. It was then that Kevin learned the value in being surrounded by young, hungry, like minded individuals and his perspective of the industry began to change.

Moral of story? ‘Always work with like-minded people you enjoy spending time with,’ says Kevin. ‘You’ll shovel shit all day if it’s with your mates, but you won’t pick up the spade if you dislike the people more than the shit.’

Touché Kev, touché.

As an added extra, Kevin shared his favourite fish recipe. Why not pop into our store for the main ingredient, roll up your sleeves and give it a whirl?

Kev’s no fuss, pan fried, crispy salmon fillet

  • Dry the salmon fillet, season with salt and pepper
  • Heat the frying pan up to a high temperature
  • Reduce to medium heat before placing the fish in the pan
  • Place a table spoon of cooking oil in hot pan
  • Lie the salmon fillet skin down and push down lightly with the spatula for 15 seconds
  • Gently shuffle the fillet to prevent sticking
  • Check the skin side for a good crisp
  • Allow the fish to cook 90% of the way through before turning
  • Cook for a further 30 seconds
  • Remember: undercooked is better than overcooked!


Let us know what you’d serve it with, or tag @capefishhouse when you post a pic of your next fish dish.