Products we love

Adventure is a lifestyle. Whether you find yourself in the urban jungle or the actual jungle – it can all get a bit wild.

That’s why we put together this list of products that carry the Cape Fish stamp of approval.


Romer cooler boxes

Buy once, cry once – that’s our shopping motto. A quality cooler box comes with a price tag but lasts a lifetime. It also ensures all your vacuum-packed fish is preserved on those epic road trips. Plus, we all know that you can’t put a price on an ice-cold beer after a long day fishing.


Knife Sharpener

Great food starts with solid preparation. Nothing is more important than a sharp set of knives. This 3-stage, electric pull-through diamond knife sharpener takes the pain out of sharpening knives – literally. It gives you an easy glide through almost anything, reducing the slipping, swearing and general frustration that comes with a blunt knife.


Sealand bags and packs

At Cape Fish we are big on being eco-friendly, so everything from Sealand is right up our ally. Their workshop is situated in Cape Town and every single product is made from up-cycled material. Lug around your stuff in a bag lined with advertising billboard nylon, or a backpack made of yacht sail. Did we mention they come with a lifetime warrantee?


Beer bread

Marie Antoinette had it wrong, she said the people should eat cake – what she should have said was warm beer bread with melted butter, because it’s way better. Bake your own the easy way with Barrett’s Ridge Beer bread. Follow the instructions on the back of the pack – it’s as simple as adding the beer, stirring up the mixture and popping it in the oven. And there you have it, home baked, delicious bread that’s ready in 45 minutes.  We stock it in-store so pick up some on your next visit to Cape Fish.


Welders gloves

Picking up a tin foiled wrapped piece of salmon off the braai is never an easy task, trust us, we know. Solve it the easy way – welders gloves are easy on the pocket and bullet proof around a braai. Available at any hardware store, these bad boys will outperform any oven glove and are an essential braai accessory.


Victorinox round serrated paring knife

We’ve all been there before, you book a weekend away and the set of knives at your accommodation would struggle to puncture a balloon. The Victorinox round serrated paring knife is perfect to pop into your bag. Sharp enough to shave the hair off your arm, it is multi-purpose and built to last. Personally, we don’t think you can have enough of them in your home.


The Mission magazine

Produced in Cape Town, broadcasted to the world. The Mission magazine tagline is: ‘The Cult Of Fly Fishing’. Nothing like traditional DIY fishing magazines, The Mission has a mix of both local and international media coverage, quirky, insightful articles and breath-taking imagery. Read it online or pick up a FREE copy from most reputable fishing stores, you won’t be able to put it down.


Fire Maple FIRE-FORCE Gas Stove

Even though the Fire Maple FIRE-FORCE Stove is small enough to fit into your pocket, the gas burner pumps out enough heat to bring that pot of mussels to boil in no time at all. We swear by this quality product – it won’t let you down.


There you have it, some of our favourite products. Did we leave anything off the list? Let us know about it, we are just a phone call away.