Turn your Cape Fish yellowfin tuna saku block into perfect sashimi

Premium products deserve top-notch preparation for the dream outcomes they’re capable of delivering! This is especially true when you’re dealing with our brand new product, the Cape Fish yellowfin tuna sashimi block. Each sashimi block has been hand selected from only the finest clean-cut tuna loins, because we pride ourselves on sourcing the best of the best, every time.

The loins have been stored in a ‘super frozen’ state. With this process, life stands still and quality is truly locked in. As a result of having been ‘super frozen’, when defrosted the tuna loins maintain their bright colour, just as fresh tuna would. This block of superior taste and gorgeous texture is then trimmed to form the perfect block of high quality yellowfin tuna, prepared by us so you can simply cut and serve at home. It’s sashimi with one slice!

Our tuna sashimi blocks have been specifically packaged to be defrosted within their vacuum bag. Simply cut the corner of the vacuum bag to break the airlock. This exposes the fish to oxygen and ensures that it isn’t under pressure while defrosting.

Each block is packed to rest on an absorbent pad, which will catch moisture as the tuna defrosts. This prevents the tuna from absorbing any additional liquid which would cause discolouration and the meat to go soft, known as ‘sashi’.

Ideally, you should defrost the product in your fridge over a6 to 8 -hour period. If you are pushed for time, you can defrost at room temperature which will allow the fish to be ready for slicing in no time at all.  Cut open the vacuum bag entirely, to expose the tuna (which must be sitting on the absorbent pad) to circulating air which will help extract moisture. Never place the tuna in a bath of water, and never refreeze after defrosting!

Once defrosted, it really is a case of slice and serve. We recommend your sharpest large knife, a steady hand, and a shot of sake to celebrate! Enjoy with pickles, sushi rice and your favourite dining partner.