Yellowfin tuna fish cake mix – all the tuna taste with none of the waste

Many of us can admit that we lost respect for our fishy friends when mom used to slather sandwiches in a good ol’ tuna mayo concoction.

Thankfully these days, things are a little more refined (most of the time). Fish is food fit for a king, and not one piece should be wasted, especially not tuna – which is one of the most versatile underwater delicacies.

What’s not tu(na) love?

We fell for Yellowfin tuna from the moment we laid our eyes on our first catch – which we promptly released back into the water to fight another day. There is very little as relaxing as fishing with friends, and it was those moments led to our ongoing appreciation for all things fishy.

Our love affair might have been recreational, but it went beyond just catch and release. With every trip we realised more and more that it is a truly beautiful fish that should be looked after and respected.

They are chunky large fish – much larger than tiny store-bought cans portray. A grown yellowfin tuna fish can easily measure up to two and a half metres in length and is one of the larger of the tuna species – it can weigh around 100 kg!

Waste not want not

 With all that extra meat, it would be a crime not to make use of every ounce. To avoid wastage, we have developed a fish cake mix which makes a meal of the meat closest to the bone. Normally, removing it is tedious and cannot be done with a knife, which is why regular fish shops rarely do it.

We delicately remove this high-quality meat and package it into 400-gram freezer proof plastic tubs. We then blast freeze it at -45 degrees to lock in the freshness and ensure that the quality of the meat is maintained. It comes out in perfect, versatile blocks which are easy to store and use when you need.

What to do with it?

You may be thinking, “What am I going to do with finely cut fish?” Our answer is that everybody could do with some fine tuna-ing… Get it? Ok, we’ll stop.

This tasty treat is great for stir fries, poke bowls, pastas, salads and sushi rolls. Or you could try this delicious tuna fish cake recipe for something quick, delicious and nourishing. With our fish cake mix, you skip the cutting step because it has all been done for you. It’s as easy as that to get your needed tuna fix. Just pop it in your freezer for storage and defrost the day you need it. Another worthy mention would be the financial aspect – because these morsels often get overlooked, they are much more affordable than straight cuts of tuna, which means you get a lot of bang for your buck. Fish cakes for everyone!

We also stock Swordfish and Kingklip fish cake mix for those who like a little variety. This, along with our eco-packaging, is just another way we are continuing our business journey in the most ethical, sustainable manner possible. If you have any questions, or recipe suggestions, please pop a comment below, we’d love to hear from fellow fish lovers.