5 reasons to get hooked on our store

Cape Town is the epi-centre of the artisanal scene, so what is new about another boutique store? Simple: this time it’s all about fish.

Being near the coast makes this topic feel a little over familiar – that is why we are officially breaking the mould. No more snoek smells and slippery floors, our store will flip the typical fish outlet experience on its head with our simple, clean approach.

As our co-founder Kevin says “We are following the beer, coffee and meat industries… a delicatessen feel with high quality products, focusing on the customer experience.” If this is still not enough to entice you to sway our way, here are five reasons that will guarantee a visit in the near future.

Take a whiff – we dare you

Ah, yes. Of course, we cannot make mention of a fish store without referring to the pungent aroma which normally accompanies our beloved seafood. But sadly, your olfactory senses will be disappointed this time around because our store does not smell of fish.

That’s right. No fishy scent whatsoever.

Our secret? We like to keep it clean and make certain that every surface is scrubbed down twice a day. All the furniture in the store is on wheels so that it can easily be shifted to make certain that there aren’t any lurking pieces of fish that may attribute to lingering odours. The floor is a factory grade non slip surface that really allows for a deep clean.

Nothing fishy about our store

Transparency is an important part of our business. We want to make the experience of buying your cut of the day one where you are never in the dark with regards to the process.

The first thing you may notice when walking in (after the large orange octopus painted on the wall) is a 3m x 1.2m glass viewing window where we welcome customers to watch the processing of our fish.

This, along with our wooden counter tops, vertical storage and minimalist approach all point to the same thing – we like things clean and simple. We keep all our cards (and fish) on the table at all times – no tricks up our sleeves. Is our window into fish production a little theatrical? Maybe. Do we always deliver on our promises? Absolutely.

Simply the best

Our fish is succulent and fresh, ready to be savoured as a mid-week treat or made a meal of regularly. We consistently stock up on the highest quality seafood, caught locally and cut right in front of your eyes.

We also strive to take a sustainable approach to our packaging by making use of a simple wax sheet and brown paper. This eco wrapping not only saves the environment, but we feel it adds to our wholesome, minimalist approach. If the fish is not going to be eaten on the same night then we will happily vacuum pack it so you can store it in your fridge for a few days or freeze at home.

Your friendly neighbourhood fish experts

When it comes to seafood, we take it personally. Which is why when you visit our store you will find passionate people, ready to introduce you to a new way of enjoying fish.

Our aim is to make the process of purchasing and enjoying fresh fish simple and personal.

Whoever you happen to meet behind the counter on the day you choose to visit will be able to walk you through the process of choosing the perfect piece for you. They will also cut a piece of fish into the precise amount you’ve asked for, so no need to waste or cut at home.

We’re easy to find

So where would one begin to look for our little store? We will give you a hint: it’s not on Bree street! In true Cape Fish style, we have chosen to push the boundaries and are comfortably settled in Paarden Eiland, a mere 10 minutes from the city centre. Located right next to the highway we encourage commuters to take a break from traffic and get dinner sorted at the same time.

Stop by soon for your own taste of a little something different!