Eat perfect sashimi at home and feed those in need with our Sashimi Tuna blocks

We all know that homemade sushi can be amazing, but will only ever be as good as the fish you use. So, we have designed the perfect sashimi block.

The Cape Fish Yellowfin Tuna Saku Block is a first on the South African market. This perfectly pre-cut block of fish, hand selected from only the finest tuna loins, guarantees amazing sashimi at home. It’s stored in a ‘super frozen’ state to ensure that quality and freshness are locked in, so delivers a superior block of ruby-gold that’s ready to be cut and served as a chef-style sashimi cut.

This ‘super frozen’ state means that our tuna is frozen at -60˚C – an exceptionally low temperature – to hold quality and lock in freshness for an indefinite amount of time. Though your normal -20˚C freezer at home can’t do that, it’s still easy to store, defrost and prepare your beloved block. It will last for up to 7 days in your freezer, but any longer than this and the sashimi block will lose its deep red colour and appear a light pink shade.

The quality of this product is matched only by the value! You get 33 pieces of sashimi for just R295, which according to our maths is a saving of about R400 against restaurant prices.

We love finding, preparing and supplying the best fish for your table, and are also committed to feeding those in need. We’re working with Den Anker to contribute fish to the meals they provide for Ladles of Love and The Justice Desk, and these sashimi blocks are special participants in that partnership!

For each 500g sashimi block we produce, we generate 300g of high protein offcuts which, coupled with our other offcuts, have helped feed 31 480 people during the last 5 weeks of Den Anker’s hard work.

Since we’ve been forced to appreciate the little things more (including the reopening of liquor stores!) there’s never been a better time to sit down with those you love, wine, and a sushi platter. We hope our sashimi block provides you with great enjoyment without breaking the bank, and the added joy of knowing that each purchase helps those in need.