Our braai-ready tuna & swordfish kebabs

Although it looks simple, braaiing fish to perfection takes skill. Flip the fillets over one too many times and they will break up, leaving your guests with minced fish instead of a delicious firm fillet.

To make life a bit easier, Cape Fish is now offering fresh tuna and swordfish kebabs – so you can celebrate National Braai Day the right way. Our kebabs are paired with Delagoa Bay’s award winning artisan basting sauces: you can choose between their Piri Buttermelt (it recently won a Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards in the UK) or their new Herb Buttermelt sauce.

Delagoa sauces use hand-picked ingredients, their products are sugar-free and contain no gluten or preservatives – so it’s all flavour with none of the nasty stuff. Prepacked and ready to place on the braai, our kebabs are easy to work with and come paired with enough sauce for you to smother the kebabs without any wastage.

To prepare your kebabs, simply:

Pre-heat your braai grid until it is red hot, so that when you pop the kebabs onto the grid it will char the flesh, giving it a lovely tan and caramelised flavour. Baste the sides of kebabs that are facing upwards (away from the heat) and allow the Delagoa butter sauce to melt and coat the fish. Flip over once and repeat the basting. Some like it seared, others like it cooked through – everyone hates it overdone. Squeeze lemon juice over the kebabs, tear up some coriander for a final sprinkle, and serve hot. You just nailed a fish braai!