Ready-made hake Florentine for simple home cooking

There’s nothing better than putting your feet up after a long day, knowing that dinner is taken care of and you’re off the hook. We’ve partnered with Zest to bring you a hearty, ready-made hake Florentine meal packed with fresh, consciously sourced ingredients and  bucketloads of flavour.

Lovingly made by catering stars Zest, our hake Florentine is a creamy bake of fresh hake, cheesy béchamel and wilted spinach which pairs perfectly with mashed potato, rice or pasta.

A taste of Zest

Operating from Beaumont Wines in Bot River, Zest caters for all occasions, big or small. After a steady stream of requests from friends and family to reinvent their best catering dishes as ready-made meals, Zest co-founders Nici and Jen released their range of Made at Home by Zest frozen meals in August 2019 so everyone could enjoy a quick, delicious, home cooked meal in the comfort of their own home.

For the first time in 16 years, Zest received no catering requests due to the pandemic. The lockdown period brought a sense of peace to the Zest kitchen, allowing Jen and Nici to develop more recipes and expand their Made at Home range. They’re continuing to develop recipes and experiment with new combinations of flavours.

The source of ingredients makes all the difference

The pandemic has heighted our sense of community, and our consciousness about where our food comes from, which is informing the way we consume food. Zest has always considered the sources of their ingredients. Wherever possible, Zest source their ingredients from local, organic suppliers.

Their apples and spinach are sourced from an organic farm in Grabouw; their free range chicken comes from Elgin; their cheese from Klein River and Healeys; and their lamb and beef used in their meat dishes are reared locally. Zest source their fish from local suppliers, like Cape Fish, who make use of sustainable fishing practices. Zest also grow a variety of their own ingredients, with their first batch of beetroot grown on their farms at Beaumont Family Wines in Bot River.

The source of ingredients make all the difference. Enjoy your home-cooked style Made at Home meals knowing they are packed with healthy nutrients and flavoured by natural, organic ingredients.

Order your hearty fish dish online or pop into our store to stock up on your oven-baked hake Florentine. If hake Florentine isn’t your preferred meal, we’ve also got combo packs & kits, for delicious home-made seafood paella, Poké bowls, sushi, and a langoustine feast.