The Codfather trilogy: Part 3 – Craig

Craig Weichardt-Myburgh is a family man with two gorgeous kids under the age of five, a loving wife and penchant for keeping fit. Oh, and coffee – Craig really likes good coffee, regularly brewing a rich cuppa Jo in his Nuova Simonelli espresso machine.

Craig is Cape Fish’s Financial Director, the numbers guy. Like the other two Codfathers in the business, there is something a little off the beaten track about him. Call us crazy, but Chartered Accountants who play the drums don’t really fit the mould.

Over the last 11 years of being involved in the financial management functions within the seafood industry, Craig has learnt the value of small businesses. This has led to a conviction of keeping the prices of the products as low as possible while still maintaining fairness to both consumer and business. ‘Everybody has to win,’ he says. ‘Support small business owners, as they do it in order to feed their families and pay for their children’s school and extra mural fees.’ This is his main motivation for building up a client base based on the quality and relative affordability of the product over time.

Now that the retail store has been opened, this conviction has really come to the forefront and is making waves in the seafood industry. Cape Fish’s clients know what they are getting and return for their quality catch again and again.

Another similarity shared with the other Codfathers is Craig’s core values: integrity, honesty and loyalty in life and business, beliefs he attributes to his mom. Cape Fish has these woven into its very fabric, from its client interactions to transparency in the store to fishing practices.

‘We all have a role to play in protecting the environment in its entirety,’ Craig shares, adding, ‘that includes businesses as well.’ Challenging? You bet. Worth it? Absolutely. The team is well aware of the effect of waste and pollution on the ocean’s resources. Not only will it affect the food supply of billions of people, it will also leave very little for the generations to come. Every small decision makes a big difference.

It really helps the company if all those involved have the same vision. It also helps to know that your partners have your back. ‘If I was ever stranded on a remote island with a fishing rod, I would want Kevin Flanagan & Kurt Hill there,’ says Craig. ‘They are the two best fishermen I know!’

We agree sir.

Craig may be the financial fundi, but he definitely knows a thing or two about fish. Here is the simplest recipe you will ever come across:

Craig’s super simple salmon (or scallops)